More Wood, It's the war!

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A new audiovisual content platform is launched today.

Frankly we don’t know if it’s good news or not or maybe, it has both possibilities. On the one hand, the offer of content is expanding - a positive part - but on the other hand, competition is limited, and a lot.

Today we can have access to 10 different offers for audiovisual content and who can have it all, or lI left over money or spend all the salary on these services.

When the market is completely free, it seems a lie but it ceases to be so and is clearly seen with this new proposal that starts today.

Only on this new platform will you be able to see your own productions. It breaks the principle that content is available on all platforms and that it is the consumer who chooses the one that interests them most.

However, today Netflix has more than 3,500 different content, Filmin, the one at home, more than 5,000 and the new one, Disney + will have about 1,000 and more, with a product aimed primarily at children and young people and lovers of superheroes.

There is no doubt that if we want variety of content, this is not, at the moment, the best platform.

Happy Tuesday!

Cambrils March 24, 2020

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