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Tomorrow Friday, August 27th the RAMBLA DE L’ART cinema -
CAMBRILS premieres, exclusively in the counties of
Tarragona, the winner of the Best Direction at the last Festival
from Cannes

The film was released in Catalan cinemas on August 20 and
this week has become the most watched movie in theaters
specialized in the original version.

Specialist critics described it as "a fascinating film" (Nandó
Salvá - El Periódico), “which is part of the history of cinema” (Javier Ocaña -
El País), “a beautiful and poetic film” (Beatriz Martínez - El Periódico), an opera
film teacher, terrible, disturbing and essential ”(Marta Medina - El
confidential ”),“ Irresistible ”(Sergi Sánchez - La Razón),“ a resounding rock opera
and wonderful ”(Philip Engel - La Vanguardia).

We are in the city of Los Angeles today. Henry (Adam Driver) is a
comic monologue of incisive humor. Ann (Marion Cotillard) is a singer from
international reputation. Together they form a happy couple, the center of all eyes
and surrounded by glamor.
The birth of her first daughter, ANNETTE, a mysterious girl, with a
exceptional destiny, it will change their lives
Surprisingly, a film of this quality and of cinematic interest is not
has had a place in any other cinema in Tarragona. It is only explained by the
pressure of the most commercial films that this summer have filled the
billboards of all cinemas.

From the Rambla de l’Art - Cambrils, we demand special attention from the
public administrations and also of the televisions towards the European cinema and
independent, which today is unique that contributes much of the quality
cinematic and cultural value to viewers.

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