We need not miss tourism! Open letter

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It is clear that our territory, with an economy heavily based on summer tourism and weekend visitors, will especially suffer from the crisis caused by Covid-19. What’s more, we already know that we’ve lost all foreign tourism, so we’ll start the season at a big disadvantage over previous years.

Efforts must therefore be directed towards achieving various objectives: that we do not miss national tourism, that it extends the period of stay between us and that it continues to visit us for the rest of the year.

To achieve this, it is not enough, even if it is very powerful, what Cambrils offers individually.

Cal que els nostres visitants sàpiguen que poden ampliar la seva agenda d’activitats a fer, més enllà del nostre municipi, durant l’estada entre nosaltres i que aquestes activitats no son només propostes d’estiu sinó que són estables tot l’any. Aquí una petició a les nostres activitats de comerç, restauració, hotels i espais de gestió pública. Hem de ser i fer ciutat i això s’aconsegueix mantenint obertes les nostres activitats durant tot l’any, no només durant una part.

Tenim un magnífic museu i una extraordinària biblioteca, platges i restaurants però també hi ha espais al nostre territori que hem de promocionar i fer-ne un paquet comú. Mas Miró o l’ermita de la Verge de la Roca o el Parc Samà o el castell d’Escornalbou o Scala Dei o l’embasament de Riudecanyes o els ports de Salou, Cambrils i l’Hospitalet, per no parlar de tot el potencial que ofereix la nostre capital Reus i perquè no, també Tarragona.

Coordination is needed far beyond the local tourism promotions that are already being done and that are good. In the current circumstance, it is essential to design a joint campaign throughout the territory with the collaboration of the sister municipalities and make it as viral as possible.

It will not be enough to create brochures, plans or guides, or commercials. It is necessary to know how to find the prescribers who communicate the advantages of coming to visit us, to give confidence to the tourism; which ensures that we are an attractive territory, that it is clean of the virus and that it is careful with its visitors.

Però aquesta prescripció, juntament amb les eines publicitàries que es dissenyin, ha de tenir l’objectiu d’aconseguir arribar a tots els nostres potencials visitants i que aquests vinguin. Ha de ser una campanya que haurem de valorar pel seu resultat. Si no sabéssim arribar o no aconseguíssim més visitants, aquest esforç haurà servit de ben poc i quan arribi l’hivern, la crisi ja serà insalvable.

Among the groups that live in whole or in part from the tourist activity, we have an immense relationship of contacts - with due respect for the protection of personal data - which can be a part of the communication of the great campaign of claim of visitors to Cambrils and the Costa Daurada that we desperately need.

But the economic effort of this campaign must be assumed by our administrations in a generous way, with resources and ideas shared by all and, all that is said, that this assumption must include the aids and strategies that allow us be a city all year round to have tourism always.

Cambrils, 22 April 2020

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    Yes, this is the pure and simple reality and no more, here we have a very good summary, the rest will see ghosts where they are not and they are, we all row in the same direction and we will arrive safely, we will get it later

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