Cinematic expressions. 1

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Many of the words in film vocabulary are already part of everyday life, like when we say… don't make me a spoiler
Likewise, a certain cinematic narrative and the expressions that identify them are already familiar to us. We easily see one flash-back and even all, one flash-forward o un plan-sequence or a pla-film, with BIRDMAN (Gonzalez Iñárritu), Oscar for Best Picture 2016, and more recently, 1917 (Sam Mendes)
Other expressions, also quite common, help us to identify when the plot of a new production originates in a previous film. – spin-off – but that it does not want to be a continuation but seeks to develop a character or a subplot of the original. . We use the word to identify continuations of stories sequel or if they tell us a story prior to the original we have the prequel.
We come across one crossover when characters from one saga intersect in another, as if James Bond were one of the new characters in Mission Impossible.
This little review of expressions also includes those of remake, when a new version of a movie is made, with the intention of being true to the original or the reboot, when rewriting the script not following the previous story, but retaining only the elements that are considered the best or most interesting and from which a good script can also be drawn.
One of the most meaningful and perhaps least known words in slang is final cut, that is, the last word to decide when a movie is over and from there is how it will be shown in public. Someone has to have the power to decide the final cut and in fact, it’s one of the decisions that has to be made before you start any film project. It would seem that this is a faculty of the director and in fact great directors like Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg always reserve it but in other cases, the decision rests with the producers. Major films have had several final cut . One of the best known is that ofAPOCALYPSE NOW where Francis Ford Coppola as director and also his producer Zoetrope Studios, founded with George Lucas, has made several versions over the years. From the initial version that Cannes won in 1979, the version REDUX of the year 2001 and the last one, that we will be able to see in a few days that to avoid doubts has been titled APOCALYPSE NOW: FINAL CUT.
There are many more words and expressions that could make this article endless, a fact we do not intend. We stay here.
Cambrils 11 May 2020

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