Goya, Gaudí, Donatello, Cesar, Magritte, Sophia or Bodil

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Today, film academies play an important role in the structures of the audiovisual industry in each country. Gradually, they have become important thanks to the awards they convene to recognize their best films. But let’s look at the names chosen in each country. Almost none bear the name of filmmakers.

It's already popular why the Oscars are called that "Looks like my uncle Oscar" said an American academy worker and without further ado it stayed that way, probably because Americans get little complicated with things that don’t bring them benefits.

On the contrary, in Europe everything is a little more sophisticated and in Spain even more so. To get to put Goya the awards of the Spanish Film Academy took long and unproductive encounters.

It is seen that the decision to found the Academy itself and also to make the call for the awards led to many discussions. Naming it didn’t have to be an easy task either. After valuing several of them, they were falling one after the other. Buñuel, one of the first choices, because he was too recent a character. Light because he leaned too much towards France. One proposal that seemed to be able to succeed was to call them awards Soles - perhaps because this is a country that we should live better in favor of this star - even though the name did not refer to anyone. Eventually he also declined and that was when he entered the race named after Goya.

Once decided, it was necessary to discuss again - the great national virtue - the reason for this name and how to justify it. Someone with a little common sense and knowledge, gave the key with three powerful reasons: To be a world-renowned artist. Consider that he had a pictorial concept close to cinema and, above all, because part of his work had sequential treatments. It was very true.

Other academies, before and after, have also linked the names of their awards to art. So the Catalan has its own Gaudí or the Italian the David de Donatello, Belgium the Magritte in homage to the famous surrealist painter René Magritte - author of the famous painting that illustrates this writing - or Portugal the Sophia, in memory of his national poet Sophia de Mello Breyner Andersen.

A special case are the awards Robert awarded in Denmark by his academy but the Danish critics ’association awards one of the oldest in Europe, called awards Bodil, in recognition of two of his great actresses: Bodil Where, which we will surely remember as one of the two sisters in Babette's feast i Bodil Ipsen, also director and winner of a Palme d'Or at the 1946 Cannes Film Festival.

We leave for another occasion the French awards Cesar and the Germans Lola. The most important in Europe and also have their history.

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Cambrils, April 24, 2020

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