First (and disturbing) box office figures of last weekend in theaters in Spain (July 16-18, 2021)

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The figures are stubborn. The situation in Spain in terms of box office is currently disturbing.

The total collection in the cinemas of Spain, with still provisional figures, during the past weekend (July 16-19, 2021) fell a strong 24%. It amounted to approximately € 3,454,000. Half, for example, in 2019.

The auteur cinema (or in VOSE) continues in free fall. Most new releases continue to crash at the box office.

There were 99 feature films on the billboard. None managed to raise a million euros. 4 raised more than € 500,000 and only 14 raised more than € 10,000.

Lead for the second consecutive weekend, but with a very strong drop, 56%, for Marvel with "Black Widow." He manages to add € 728,800. Average per location € 2,100

"La Purga: Infinita" on Friday was the highest grossing film in Spain (with € 222,000), in the end it had to settle for second place at the weekend with € 680,000. Average per complex € 2,300

€ 668,000 and third place in its second weekend for the remake “A todo tren. Destination Asturias ”. It fell 37%. € 1,850 on average per complex.

“Fast & Furious 9” with € 626,000 ranked 4th in the Spanish box office ranking. It fell 46% on its third weekend. Average per cinema of € 1,950.

€ 626,000 for “Peter Rabbit 2: On the Run”. Position 5. Average per complex of € 1,950, in its first weekend on the Spanish billboard.

And we close this article with the figures of 3 premieres last Friday. 11th place with € 29,000 for “An Irish Song”. Average per location € 395, VAT included.

€ 16,100 and 12th place for the remarkable French-Belgian film “Las appearances”. € 385 average per screen

€ 9,820 for Hong Sang-soo's new film “The Woman Who Got Away”. Average per room € 390. Position 15.

To be continue…

Jose Lopez Perez

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