The first and largest crowdfunding in the world.

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We are already in the process of solidarity crowdfunding set up so that the Rambla de l’Art - Cambrils can once again be a cinematic reference in the Camp de Tarragona, once the cinemas can reopen.
Although this way of financing projects uses the anglicism of crowdfunding, we should go to Europe, and more specifically to Barcelona, ​​to find the largest micro-patronage project that has ever existed and that surely, never more will exist. The construction of the Sagrada Família is the collective project with the most anonymous resources in the world. It began in 1882 and is still going on. Its funding has always been based on donations, the basis of patronage, although today it is much more important than income from visits.
The pioneering micro-patronage platform in Catalonia is Verkami, - the platform of our project - which began its activity thanks to a family from Mataró in 2010, which has achieved an overwhelming success that has even been recognized with an award for business excellence by Nations United
Unfortunately, the Spanish patronage law of 1994 and 2002 is not made to promote this type of crowded and almost anonymous funding and therefore, the contributions do not have an additional return for tax purposes that would surely make them much more useful while participating in new projects. . Today the law considers these contributions - due to having rewards - as a normal buying and selling action and recipients must pay VAT on the support received under the general scheme despite cases like ours, that movie tickets are taxed at a 10% reduced VAT. In addition, it will also have to be taxed on corporation tax or personal income tax.
Therefore, the tax environment is quite hostile to micro-patronage, especially because the vast majority of donors are not particularly wealthy. It is clear that legislation in favor of this form of bail-in would boost the economy of people, small and medium-sized enterprises and social initiatives.
The only aspect of legislation in defense of donors is that crowfunding platforms are monitored by the National Securities Market Commission. This ensures that the money invested reaches the promoters of projects that, like ours, accept this funding formula.
However, we are still requesting your participation now that we have covered 60% of the initial target.
Cambrils 5 May 2020

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