The great support for the rooms is EUROPA CINEMAS

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Surely the spectators in our room have checked that, before any screening, there is always a trailer ofEUROPE CINEMAS with the subtitle Bringing you diversity of European films, that is, that We bring you the diversity of European films.
This is a network of cinemas that is committed to offering, always within the possibilities of each one, cinema produced in Europe. Interestingly, in Tarragona, only the one in Cambrils meets the requirements to be part of it and, at the same time, allows it to receive the financial aid that the European Union puts at its disposal.
Europe Cinemas is the first network of cinemas specializing in the screening of European films. It was born in 1992 thanks to the initiative of a group of cinemas with the support of the European Commission through its Programa Creative Europe – MEDIA and pel National Center for Cinema and the Animated Image depending on the French Ministry of Culture.

Today it is the first network of cinemas specializing in the screening of European films that joins more than 1,200 cinemas with 3,123 screens and is present in 43 countries. Its main objectives are to provide operational and financial support to cinemas that are committed to giving a significant part of their screenings to non-national European films and to carrying out activities for young audiences.

Thanks to the program Eurimages i al Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development of the French Republic, the action of Europa Cinemas extends to Eastern European countries, the Balkans, Russia and Turkey.
As can be seen, the French state is the most immersed in its own European cinema. How much we need for something similar to happen here!
And a spectacular fact, the GDP that audiovisual contributes to France is 3.2% and is 7 times higher than the value of the car industry. In Spain, the car accounts for 10% of GDP and is, in part, thanks to the French car industry.
Europa Cinemas is a network open to all types of cinemas, from municipal cinemas to multi-screen cinemas, although in our country only private and independent cinemas have joined. In fact, apart from the Cambrils hall, only the cities of Barcelona, ​​Girona, Lleida, Terrassa and Sant Feliu de Llobregat have rooms within this organization.
And, surprisingly, the little interest that the big cinema circuits have shown because with many screens it is easier to be part of it. In fact, it can only be explained by the interest that moves their companies - legitimate interest, of course! - It is the economic one and today the cinema that generates the most resources is not precisely the European one.
In fact, Europe Cinemas is the only public administration that grants aid for film screenings in our country. Neither Catalan - except for a small support to exhibit films in Catalan - Spanish nor have any program of direct aid in the rooms although you may hear a lot of talk of subsidies allocated to the cinema. In the case of the exhibition it is - as it is now called - an fake new.
Cambrils 7 May 2020

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