Virtual Cinema Room. A new proposal in times of confinement

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A new proposal has begun to watch films by the hand of the Catalan distributor Acontracorriente Films and has called SALA VIRTUAL WHO

The novelty is that it offers rigorous cinematic releases. In fact, these are the films that have been released in the coming weeks and have been canceled.

Cada distribuïdora ha decidit sortides diferents per les seves pel·lícules. Mentre la gran majoria les guarda per a temps millors, altres les ofereixen directament a traves de les plataformes, com ha passat a altres països i en especial als Estats Units. Tot depèn de l’expectativa comercial que s’esperava obtenir de l’explotació en sales i les despeses que això comportaria. El cert és que la decisió de la distribuïdora Acontracorriente Films no ha sorprès.

We may think that many of these releases that are coming through the new temporary platform have pre-release launch commitments on the usual platforms and television channels. Delaying the premiere of theaters awaiting reopening would probably mean losing money, and now no one is in a position to do so, quite the opposite.

The novelty of offering rigorous releases , is added by the fact that some movie theaters - such as Rambla de l'Art Cambrils - support this initiative which, in principle, could be thought to hurt them. This support has the counterpart for the clients and spectators of our rooms, to be able to enjoy the proposal with a small discount. In our case, the coupon to use is salavirtualramblacambrils

Welcome is the initiative, although viewing is a bit expensive. Everything to keep the life of the distributors working especially the independent and European cinema!

Good Tuesday, the 24th day of confinement

Cambrils, April 7, 2020

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